‘Just Do It’ 25th Anniversary Nike Commercial

Global Creative Directors Alberto Ponte / Ryan O’Rourke
Copywriter: Edward Harrison
Art Director: Sezay Altinok You like to fight?
Executive Creative Directors Joe Staples/ Susan Hoffman
Director Nicolai Fuglsig

Listen, if you can run a mile, run a race.
You know what? Run a marathon.
Outrun a movie star.
If you can ride a bike, ride that thing.
Ride a bull. Ride a – ride a tougher bull.
Let’s watch this…
What kind of bull is that?
If you can move your hips, if you can dance, move your legs, move your feet, move the ball.
Is that Pique? Score the goal.
Yeah, that is Pique.

You like to fight?
Well pick on someone your own size.
Pick on someone twice your size.
Pick on him.
That’s not good…
Oh, uh… lesson learned.
If you can play table tennis, serve like that, beat the champ, beat her mentor.
C’mon you got this…
Beat Serena.
If you can beat your friend one-on-one, beat him.
Steal it, take it.
Sorry, girls.
Now, take your talents to the streets.
Beat the street court legend.
That’s good.
Beat that guy.
Hold on.
We’ve been waiting for this…
That was nice.
Good luck with that.


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